May 2014

Tamsin Martle talked about her experience of finding what she was passionate about, moving from a successful career that didn’t particuarly inspire her, to becoming an executive coach and using her talent for motivating, developing and envisioning people and organisations. She led us in an exercise towards crafting a personal mission statement, thinking about what’s at our centre, what motivates us and what might be holding us back. We were all left with plenty to think about and to do some more work on.

Wendy Beech Ward interviewed Ruth Mawhinney as part of our mission to celebrate women in leadership. Ruth has been editor of Christianity Magazine for several years and has just moved on to edit She talked about her calling to the city, to connect with the community around her, about what she’s proud of in the work she’s done and her hopes for her new role.

Cath Pearson talked about The Marylebone Project which houses vulnerable women and helps them move on in their lives. The project is in need of volunteers to spend time with the women and money to create comfortable lounges that they’ll want to hang out in.

And then Jenny Baker talked about her book Equals, explaining what equality is, why it’s so important and how we can create environments where equality can flourish. She talked about gender at work – how organisations and workplaces are not neutral places but actually help to construct and reinforce gender stereotypes. There’s a follow-up post on her blog about why some of us need to stop making the tea.

We failed to take any photos but we did have an amazing time again, with great connections being made and people leaving encouraged, inspired and determined to pursue their callings.