The Gathering of Women Leaders provides a forum for women in leadership to learn together, make connections and develop leadership skills, particularly in the context of Christian faith. We identified the values of these gatherings when we first met in March 2012. We want them to be:
• broad-shouldered
• outward focused
• proactive about developing leadership
• holistic
• collaborative – emphasizing peer learning
• prophetic – modeling something different
• celebratory, not competitive
• supportive and strategic.

We’re inviting women who are leaders in any sphere of life to join us for these gatherings to:
• share experience
• talk about what’s going on in your context
• figure out how we can work together
• dream about how we can create a supportive community

The format of the day will follow the four strands of:

Celebrate – conversation with a woman doing great things
Community – time to get to know each other and for informal networking
Knowledge – input on an subject, issue, skill or culture
Justice – awareness of an issue, which affects women with an emphasis on activism and using our voice for the good of others. Celebrate –

The gatherings are held in London and are facilitated by Vicky Walker, Jude Trenier and Rachel Jordan and we’re always keen to hear from women who would like to contribute. Please use the contact form on the Keep in Touch page.


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